Kevitch // Don’t Let Go

What does a starry night and glass of wine give you? For Kevitch it is the perfect recipe to make a song. I had the pleasure to sit down and speak to Kevitch as I got to know more about her and her newest single “Don’t Let Go”.

The Philly native now based out of LA spoke out about her music journey with me and how “Don’t Let Go” came about. Though she only has a few tracks out now, music has been something she has been pursuing for a long time. Through our conversation she shared about her time finding her sound and slowly but surely crafting it. Influences of imagery, textures, and ambient scenes. It was clear as day Kevitch knew exactly what she wanted from her music and what she wanted to put into it.

Unconditional love is a feeling that is extremely overwhelming and at time feels fugacious. The moments within love can leave an ever lasting imprint on one’s heart even when that love can sometimes be short lived. That was the scene set on display complimented by Kevitch’s essence of silk and serenity. The orchestration of lo-fi and pop come together beautifully to create this track.

This is the second single dropped this year followed by her song “Secrets” that dropped in February. We can for sure expect more music to be coming soon along with an EP release June 23rd this Summer. Check her newest single “Don’t Let Go” now below:


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