Kwame Adu // Shinji’s Album

Debuting his longest project to date, Kwame Adu shares what he considers his “most artistically nuanced and thematically cohesive project titled Shinji’s Album.” Taking creative direction from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion and pulling from real-life experiences of 25 years, Shinji’s Album reveals Kwame’s creative growth and positions him in the world of Rap. 

Accumulating organic buzz all around California, Shinji’s Album comes after an eventful year full of milestones, such as a second EP from his duo KWAMZAY and three singles. The album, a product of a long and hard working year, comes to light and highlights friendship. From the production to the visuals, Shinji’s Album is the creation of friends coming together to complete a masterpiece.

The alternative (genre) album paints a clear picture of the ever-changing Kwame and hints at strained relationships with his family, the question of his heritage, and his journey to stardom in LA. The rapper does not shy away from his struggles and often does the opposite, highlighting the ugly truth of pursuing a music career. 

On my second listen, my standout tracks are “Pilot Reprise” (Kwame’s producer debut) and “Future Sight (Gendo’s Song).” Both tracks submerge listeners into Kwame’s reality and a new beginning. The 9-track album was definitely worth the wait.  


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