Maggie Miles // Asleep

Maggie Miles is an artist who continues breaking the boundaries between pop and alternative. From my first experience with her music starting with her single, “WHATDOISAY,” to the most recent release, “Asleep,” Miles’s vocals truly outdo every time. 

Maggie Miles is an alternative pop artist from Nashville, TN set to release her sophomore album “The Lack Thereof” on May 17th. The album currently has four released songs including my personal favorite, “Asleep.”

Blending a nostalgic production and powerful lyrics, “Asleep” chronicles the journey of finding relief from the horrors that plague your soul. Miles distinctively crafts lyrics that cut deep, such as “Burned my tongue on insubmission // Starting over // I just wanna be starting over.” In recounting these experiences and the use of repetition in the chorus, Miles allows the song to create an impact that can be felt by the listener. This song’s edgy production is balanced by the harmonization of multiple voices that sounds almost choir-like in the refrain.

Maggie talks about the significance of the refrain and song by stating, “A lot of the inspiration behind this record is my adolescent years. Around my junior year of high school is when I first started to really struggle with mental health. My room was in the basement of my parents house. I would come home from school and kind of escape in my electric keyboard. But at times, it was a bit dark down there. Lonely even. After I wrote this song, I knew I was going to be home the following month for Christmas to visit my family. While there, we recorded a gang vocal consisting of my little sister, my 2 best friends from my hometown in VA and both of their little sisters as well. We recorded it all in the basement I just referenced from High School. Kind of full circle for me!”.

Overall the song is truly one of Miles’s best songs out to date, and I look forward to listening to the future album. Make sure to check out “Asleep” and look out for her album, out May 17th!


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