Jaden Chavez // The Wind Guitarist (Q&A)

Jaden Chavez is a versatile multi-instrumentalist based in Arizona. His videos experimenting with unique, hands-on sound effects have garnered millions of views. Among these include breathtaking duets with the wind. By playing harmonics on a guitar held towards the sky, the instrument starts singing on its own:

Incredible, right? I had to know more – so after getting the chance to connect with Jaden, I asked him a few questions about his creative process.

LC: “First of all, introduce yourself!”

JC: “My name is Jaden Chavez, I’m currently 19 years old, and I’m a multi-instrumentalist who loves exploring new sounds.”

LC: “You utilize a wide range of instruments. What are some of your favorite sounds/effects, and how did you discover them?”

JC: “I’m always in search of new sounds to express, that’s why I play 12 different instruments. Over the course of experimenting with new acoustic sounds, I’ve found some really interesting ones. I’ve shared them all on my TikTok. One being a strange acoustic reverb delay amplifier made out of a spring, and an old drum I found at Goodwill. It literally makes crazy Sci-fi laser sounds and makes my instruments sound like they’re in a cathedral when I attach the spring to its strings. Of course, the wind playing my guitar is another favorite. The tones that it produces are so pure, it’s hard to imagine it’s coming from a guitar. Lastly, using a cello bow on a banjo sounds otherworldly! Banjo is such an underrated instrument, but it can sound so beautiful!”

LC: “How did you come up with the idea to duet the wind? And what emotions did you feel the first time?”

JC: “The idea of playing string instruments with the wind is not my idea and actually dates back as far as The ancient Greeks. Things such as harps, lyres, and mono chords have been known to sing in the winds for a while, and in the 1600s an instrument called an Aeolian Harp was first documented. It’s a harp that funnels air across its strings to make it vibrate. I discovered all this while in the thick of the pandemic, and since I had nothing better to do, I thought ‘hmm, I wonder if this works on a guitar’. So I went out one cold windy spring day, put my guitar out at arms length, and it sang for the first time. The amount of joy I experienced when that happened shouldn’t be legal. I was obsessed ever since, and over the years I figured out ways to position/play my guitar so I can literally have a duet with the sky.”

LC: “You just released two gorgeous tracks utilizing the wind & guitar technique. Tell me about the writing process!”

JC: “Every wind jam is improvised. You can never orchestrate or rehearse with nature, so instead you gotta be super present and go with the flow. I listen to the plants and things around me. they tell me where the wind is, where it’s heading, and how strong it is. Once you’re in tune with that, nature literally writes the song with you. My songwriting process is very much like a wind jam. I catch a gust of inspiration and ride the wave. I have a saying, ‘a good musician doesn’t play music. A good musician lets the music play them’. I’m just a paintbrush music uses to create with. But the biggest thing I like to express, is a story, a feeling, and a lesson. Those elements are the building blocks to my music.”

LC: “Finally, is there anything you have in the works that you wanna tell us about?

JC: “I’m in a band called Galactic Harmony, and we are all about to release our first EP! Super stoked about that. I’m currently working on recording a few of my own original songs I’ve written too. One being about talking to a poison ivy plant and showing it compassion. Last thing on my agenda – and this is what I’m most excited for – is to take a trip up to Chicago, the Windy City, and shoot a video with Rob Scallon to demonstrate and teach my wind technique to all the musicians on YouTube. I have so much more planned, but those are the big ones!”

Listen to Jaden’s music here:


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