Times It By Two // Annie Tracy

After years of developing her sound, R&B artist Annie Tracy leaves listeners speechless with her debut single “Times It By Two”. Produced by the legendary D’Mile and mentored by Grammy Award Winning Tricky Stewart, Annie Tracy soulfully soars with her impeccably rich vocals and impressive musicality. 

Annie Tracy sets the tone of the song immediately with her beautifully layered harmonies in the introduction. The production of the song remains simple yet effective, as D’Mile creates a graceful sonic environment full of fluid synths and gentle percussion. The instrumentation also grows effortlessly in tandem with the natural momentum of the song, allowing the listeners to feel the raw progression of emotion. Tracy’s vocals are the true star of the track. Her passionate and heartfelt tone are incredibly unique and mesmerizing, as they embody the perfect balance of rasp, sweetness and power. Lyrically, Tracy explores the idea of the positive benefits of loving a woman properly. “Times It By Two” serves as a preface for how much better life would be for a partner if they treat women right, as it’ll result in women going above and beyond for them. 

Annie Tracy is a recording artist and songwriter signed to hit producer, Tricky Stewart (Beyoncé, Rihanna, Pink, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys) and celebrity, artist (Xscape) and Grammy Award Winning songwriter (TLC, T.I, Ed Sheeran). Tracy writes all of her music while having a heavy hand in the production as well. Her sound is genre splitting between R&B, Soul and Pop; and her music will break your heart, yet empower you all within the same record. Check out the Official Music Video and Live Performance for her latest release “Times It By Two”.


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