Sabrina Sterling // 17 Pushing 24

Sabrina Sterling is an artist that I have kept up with for over a year now. She caught my attention on Tik Tok with constant posts of sharing original music she writes in her bedroom. Everything she wrote and shared felt so emotional and refreshing at the same time. I became really impressed for such a young soul to have so much depth in her writing. Her softly sung melodic flows will leave anyone glued to her music.

Sabrina Sterling shares her most recent single “17 Pushing 24” that follows stories and experiences of her life and how she has had to grow up quicker because of those experiences. Everyone is different and has experienced life differently, but I think a lot of people can relate to having to grow up quicker due to situation. Everyone can relate to time moving so fast that being a kid is just distant memory. We can appreciate when we hear track like this that the internal fear of growing up isn’t just a you thing. Everyone feels it at some point. This song is complimented with acoustics that seems fair to say is a staple piece for Sabrina in her music. The San Diego, California native put her most polished song up to date in “17 Pushing 24”

Sabrina is superstar. She’s on 18 years old and she hasn’t even scratched the surface of her potential. The singer-songwriter’s best music is yet to come. If you don’t know who Sabrina Sterling, consider this your early notice.If you have never listened to her music start now with her single “17 Pushing 24” below:


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