Gabriel Jacoby // As You Stand Next To Me

” Ive seen demons stand beside my soul, Starvin for me

I’m starvin for love (…)”

There is great power in those who share in hands of loved ones. But there is silent suffering in those who share hands with no one. What one may long for is sometimes replaced with something that is temporarily satisfactory or self sabotaging. I can say this because I know this feeling. I remember desperately just wanting to feel love and care at a time that I felt so alone. I can remember I could see my demons at work on my soul as temptations presented their self every corner I turned. I became someone who felt I was undeserving of love but still wanted it so badly. The confliction didn’t only hurt me but those around me as well. Im thankful for the journey and hurt. Im blessed for the love that stands next to me now.

Gabriel Jacoby gives us a transfixing acoustic track with soothing blends of R&B and soul in his single “As You Stand Next To me”. Lyrically this track represents a testament to pain and love that is sung with such awe and vulnerability. The singer-songwriter based out of South Carolina shows us a glimpse of stardom with this track. With also producing, mastering, and mixing his own tracks there is clearly a blue-print Gabriel has created in which it presents his own unique sound that still holds a traditional R&B sound while incorporating a fresh alternative sound to the listener.

This track was previously dropped in February but was taken off all platforms but was recently re-released. This is only the start for Gabriel Jacoby for I am confident the music that is to come will be something we will not want to miss out on. Till then get well aquatinted with Gabriel Jacoby by listening to his single “As You Stand Next to Me” below:


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