Allen Haley // Come On Back

It’s been a hot minute since we got some new music from Allen Haley, but Im excited to share his most recent single “Come On Back” to start off your weekend. If it’s at the pre-game or its on your way to the function, this song needs to be in the rotation turned up all the way. This song is bop no doubt. Allen proves “Taken Back” wasn’t a fluke. After waiting over a year to drop new music I can hear an artist that has been perfecting his craft. With his smooth flow and fresh style he is bringing a sound to pop music we didn’t know we needed.

What does this mean now? I think it’s fair to say 2023 is the year where Allen Haley kicks the door down. Allen Haley is star in the making. I remember having a brief conversation on the phone with him back 2021 and remembering how detailed and passionate he was in creating his sound. I can appreciate and respect an artist who can take their time with their work especially after getting so much love from his debut single and a feature with Arden Jones with the track “serotonin highs”. There is rush in doing anything and everything we do right, Allen Haley has shown us that.

It is not for sure when but it is confirmed that Allen Haley is dropping a new single this month. Make sure to pre-save his song “walking Blind”. Till then listen to “Come On Back” now below:


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