Peyton Stilling // Overthinkers Club

In her latest single, Peyton Stilling invites everyone to join her overthinkers club.

After two years, Peyton Stilling introduces “Overthinkers Club,” a song dedicated to those struggling to turn off their endless thoughts. It’s relatable lyrics and soulful melody immediately captured my attention as a chronic overthinker. With her soulful voice and memorable chorus, Peyton makes music that truly stands out.

Almost as if mimicking a conversation with herself, Peyton crafts her lyrics with great care. “Why do I lose my mind. // Making all these plans with stupid deadlines.// Why don’t I take my time. // Slow it down realize that we’ll turn out fine.” Peyton showcases her authentic self through these sentimental lyrics and encourages others to do the same. Featuring a melodic set of vocals and a consistent heartbeat production, “Overthinkers Club” is able to make a good start for Peyton’s next chapter.

As the first single in a six-part series, Peyton explores the life of a young girl as she discovers who she is as a superhero. With the release of the single during mental health awareness month, Peyton looks to highlight society’s impact on girls at a young age.

I caught up with Peyton in a short interview to chat about mental health, her upcoming ep, and why she chose to use comics as her cover art theme. Read the interview below:


Does the new music mark a shift from your past songs?


Yes. My new music is the start of a new story and a more pop songwriter sound. I grew up listening to female powerhouses like Norah Jones, Carole King, and Amy Winehouse. Along with being obsessed with pop melodies from artists like Lennon Stella, Gracie Abrams, and Lizzy McAlpine. I wanted to take both of those influences into my own writing and production.


Tell me more about the comic and the significance it has to your new music.


I have always loved superheroes and comics as a little kid. When working on my EP there was a very clear evolution from young 18 year old peyton to a wiser more confident 23 year old peyton. With such a noticeable evolution in myself and my music while writing this Ep I wanted to create a different comic book character to represent each release.

The first of this evolution is Overthinkers Club. If you are looking at the cover art I am holding a sewing needle and have balloons floating in the background. The balloons are a metaphor for all the “thought bubbles” or things I am overthinking hanging over my head. The needle is me trying to get rid of them or pop the balloons. (But only I care about the details like that hahaha)

My hope is that this evolution of characters can relate to my female audience. Showing my younger audience to embrace your past, your mistakes, the lessons, the heartbreak, and that every character you go through in life is important and should be celebrated. I want my music to inspire and uplift the next generation of women.


What is your inspiration for the overthinkers club and how did you write it?


I wrote overthinkers club on my guitar in my bedroom during quarantine. When I finished writing the song I drove to Austin, TX took a covid test and hopped in the studio with Moses Elias and Robert Sewell, who worked with me to produce the song. The both of us helped carry out my vision for Overthinkers Club. When producing the track we started by tracking my guitar part and vocals and then building around that. Production that inspired me on this track was “Feels Like” by Gracie Abrams, “Keep Driving” by Harry Styles, and “People Watching” by Conan Gray.

“Overthinkers Club” is available to stream on all platforms. Look out for the upcoming ep, coming soon.


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