Flora & Fawna // Costume Party

The dynamic band of songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Lili Hickman and Mason Ables capture pop at its finest in their latest single “Costume Party.” An ode to problematic exes and the fun and flare in not dealing with these problematic people —Flora & Fawna find themselves partying and encouraging listeners to give in to their sultry, fun, and free spirit. 

Catchy vocal inflections, a chorus that feels as free as it sounds, and bass that grooves along with a swinging production—“Costume party” showcases how skilled Flora & Fawna are at capturing the energy of pop and merging it with the band’s unique character. Frontman Lili Hickman describes the song as “a celebration of the fact that people aren’t your PROBLEM,” a perfect way to describe the attitude that is core to the song’s texture. 

The first release of the year, “Costume Party” finds itself in our latest iteration of our Early Rising playlist. Representing pop music that we feel is rising through the ranks, we’re excited to keep singing and dancing along with Flora & Fawna through it all. 


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