Delanie Leclerc // everything, in time

Queer pop artist Delanie Leclerc is a talented 21 year old hailing from Delray Beach, FL and based in the melting pot of Los Angeles, California. After much anticipation, Delanie Leclerc unveiled her solo EP “everything, in time” – a pop album infused with electronic influences, emotionally forward lyrics, and mesmerizing melodies made to highlight the up and down healing process of a breakup. 

Delanie’s musical journey began secretly in the confines of her bedroom, where she dove into poetry turned songwriting while quietly strumming strings. Her passion for music quickly consumed her and became her life endeavor. As she progressed in guitar and piano, she discovered a knack for producing and eventually teamed up with likeminded producers Addison Waddell and Levi Bennington, to find her sound. Her EP is her debut breakthrough, breathing life into her personal experiences and setting the stage for her rapid artistic growth. 

“everything, in time,” is not your average breakup album. Delanie dug into psychology-based relationship attachment styles and gave voice to the cyclical nature of what humans truly experience during the nonlinear path to recovery, self-soothing, and healing. Each of the EP’s six tracks represents a distinct phase of the process including anger and betrayal, hope, acceptance, longing, closure, and forgiveness.

The EP unfolds with “so many ways”, an intimate track that Leclerc initially hesitated to release. She tipped her hat to its relatability and gave in to sharing her most intimate thoughts with the world. Her lead single “call it healing” strikes a powerful chord about being left for a man which, thanks to TikTok, Leclerc found out was a pretty popular experience among queer woman around the world. What began as a harsh “slap in the face” song eventually molded into a beautiful and empowering melody that danced around ideas of shattered trust, betrayal, and the power of choice. 

Delanie Leclerc’s EP creation is introspective, multifaceted, and vulnerable. “everything, in time” is an authentic journey of discovery that certainly solidifies her status as a rising talent in the competitive pop music scene.

Stream “everything, in time” below.



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