Stephanie Poetri (Q&A)

Stephanie Poetri is really making a statement with her latest releases, showcasing her incredible range and delivering some seriously impressive pop vocals. It’s clear she’s not holding back and is ready to take her music to the next level. Her once soft vocals have been replaced with a much edgier sound, transforming her into an indie rock artist to watch out for.

Stephanie, the remarkably gifted artist from Indonesia who is now based in LA, accomplished tremendous success with her second release, “I Love You 3000”. Not only that, but she also demonstrated her adaptability by teaming up with K-pop singer Jackson Wang for another rendition of the track. Stephanie has an exceptional ability to establish a deep connection with her fans, regardless of their location across the globe. 

Her latest musical release showcases a remarkable transformation in her sound, seamlessly fusing commanding indie rock vocals with heartfelt and relatable lyrics. She aims to establish herself as an artist who showcases her songwriting skills and shares relatable experiences that are applicable to everyone. Recently touring with Lyn Lapid and performing at music festivals as Head In The Clouds. 

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Stephanie as she embarks on a new chapter in her music career. We discussed what this exciting endeavor would entail.

Laura: I hope you have been well! I saw you recently went on tour with Lyn Lapid. How was your first tour experience, and was it nice to meet the people listening to your music? Do you have a story from the tour you would like to share?

Stephanie: It was such a privilege to go on tour with Lyn Lapid. She was amazing and so kind to be on the road with, and I am very lucky that my first tour was with her. One of the highlights of the tour was having a group of girls shout the bridge to Astrologically Illogical with me in Utah.

L: Was there a specific song you enjoyed performing on tour?

S: I loved performing my song with Elephante, “No Explanations” because I get to scream
whoop whoop with the crowd and that’s always a fun part of the set

L: Are there any songs you listened to or enjoyed playing on tour while traveling to
each city? Such as a tour playlist…

S: When Lyn’s EP came out, I couldn’t stop listening to it. My favorite song from it would be “Poster Boy.”

L: It seems with your new single, “Astrologically Illogical,” you are starting a new era of your music. How would you describe the direction your making is currently taking?

S: More mature and edgier, but still with that feminine etherealness that my songs always had. The new edgier direction just also makes it more fun to perform these songs on stage as well now

L: In your latest song, you delve into the excitement and irony of astrology. Can you
describe how you draw inspiration from various aspects of your life to compose
your music?

S: Sometimes I have thoughts that I think are so random that I have to write it down and astrology was one of them.

L: After your well-known collaboration with Jackson Wang, do you intend to
collaborate with any other artists, or is there a specific artist you want to
collaborate with?

S: I have collaborated with a lot of amazing people and I can’t wait to do more. One of my favorite songs I’ve ever done is my collaboration with JVKE, “Bad Haircut”.

L: What are you most looking forward to about your next big performance, Head in
the Clouds LA?

S: I will be performing a whole new set with live drums and even more new music this time, so that will be crazy!

L: Lastly, what can people look forward to regarding your future releases and plans?

S: I will be releasing singles that are inspired by bands. I grew up listening to groups like Two Door Cinema Club, Arctic Monkeys, Of Monsters, and Men. So the music will be a little inspired by that world, but with my own Stephanie Poetri twist on it.

Stephanie has just released two new singles, “Astrologically Illogical” and “Invited,” as part of her new chapter. Don’t forget to give her indie rock takeover a listen.


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