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Get ready to groove and enjoy yourself to the fullest with the latest release from Ethan Tasch, “Got Him.” Tasch’s distinct style blends indie and folk music to produce a one-of-a-kind sound that is sure to captivate your ears. With his exceptional guitar skills and charming overalls, he elevates the overall experience and makes it a memorable auditory journey.

Ethan’s project carries a mix of feel-good and melancholic vibes, presented through light and airy visuals. The album’s visuals are a precise representation of the essence of each song. The shots showcase expansive fields, with Ethan donning overalls, and reveling in the warmth of the sun. The overall result is a perfect encapsulation of the pure and unbridled joy evoked when listening to this album.

Ethan crafts his songs with a storytelling approach, drawing inspiration from his own life experiences. For instance, his track “Love and Japan” depicts his efforts to make the most of his time with his long-distance partner. The album features renowned indie artists such as spill tab, boyish, Remi Wolf, and Wallice, who lend their background vocals. Additionally, notable instrumentalists Drew Taubenfeld (known for working with Kacey Musgraves), Dan Bailey (Father John Misty), and Michael Byrnes (Mt Joy) also contribute to the album.

Take a moment to listen to our discussion about the album, and be sure to give “Got Him” a listen right away.

Laura: Hi! It’s so lovely to talk about your newest song Love and Japan today and the release of your album “Got Him”. How have you been doing with the release of your new music?

Ethan Tasch: It feels good to let these songs go. I started writing for the album in January of last year, and I’m glad other people finally get to hear them.

L: With the start of your new era, why did you choose to release each single? Was there a specific correlation between the order of the releases?

E: “Holdup” was the first song I wrote for the album and kind of inspired the vibe of the whole project, so it felt right putting it out first. “Come Onn” is my favorite song on the album, so I was really excited about getting it out, and it came second. “Love and Japan” was one that everybody at the label was really happy about. “Shell” just needed a spotlight and comes out two days before the full album. 

L: There are several songs in the album with background vocals from various indie artists. Can you share your process for incorporating collaboration and selecting the artists for this project?

E: The people who sang on this project are my friends who also happen to be my favorite artists. I just picked the songs for each of them that I thought would suit them best and for some reason they all said yes. Indeed an honor to have them all.

L: Can you share the inspiration behind the creation of Love and Japan?

E: I was dating someone who moved to Japan. This song is about the feelings that come with a relationship becoming long distance.

L: Talk a bit about the music video and the story behind collaborating with Wallice on this song. 

E: The music video was shot by a videographer I found in Tokyo on Airbnb Experiences. I used his footage along with song photos I took to make a video that looks like something my Mom would have shown her friends after a family vacation in 2005. Wallice happened to be in Japan at the same time as me in October so when I had a song about it it felt natural to ask her if she wanted to be a part of it.

L: Is there a song on the album with a story or special meaning? Which song are you excited to play live?

E: “Come Onn” has a line about my new manager named Nicole in a country accent: “Here comes Nicole.” When I first sent her the song, she didn’t acknowledge it, and it wasn’t until months later when I was playing the song while on set shooting the video that she realized the lyrics weren’t “Here comes the cold.” I’m excited to play “Holdup” live because the guitar part is pretty silly.

L: Lastly, if you could describe your upcoming album in four words, what would they be?

E: Ethan’s wholesome farm adventure.

Make sure to check out the album and music videos below.


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