ether” is a laid-back summer bop, perfect for a sunset drive down the PCH. It’s the latest single from the up-and-coming artist Jae Luna. I discovered Jae’s music through his outside-the-box Tik Toks; rather than taking the traditional snippet promo route, Jae has built a following of over 50,000 followers through production walk-throughs edited with a stylish flair. Jae, hailing from Orange County, California, told me he wanted to avoid promoting his music in a way that “makes you want to pull your hair out.” He got onto Tik Tok, an app he was “afraid of downloading,” to grow his fanbase but found his own unique format in content creation. “I wanted to make videos that I personally would want to watch,” Jae commented. His format uses narration and fast-paced, eye-catching edits to organically document his creative process. Jae’s videos are a perfect example of how music promotion doesn’t have to be formulaic but rather a medium for artistic innovation. 

Although Jae grew up as a classically trained pianist, he first got into producing and songwriting while studying at NYU. After getting his degree, Jae moved out to Los Angeles to pursue his music career. He’s found budding success with singles like “Summertime 2016,” “What You Came Here For,” and “i’m having a hard time being myself.” 

Lately, he’s shifted from the role of a producer to now primarily a songwriter. “I’m a lot happier with my music now that I’m focusing on my lyrics more,” Jae told me, “it makes the songs stronger.” Going forward, he plans to release a music video for his hyperpop track“better outside” and more short EPs throughout 2023. As to his favorite rising musicians, he’s been bumping a variety of artists like James Ivy, Bb trickz, Shygirl, Pixel Grip, Swami Sound, and Pine Grove. 


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