2hollis is one of the most enigmatic and exciting figures in the underground.

Steering away from interviews, the nineteen-year-old keeps a low profile. His social media reads more like a cryptic message from an extradimensional being than the traditional self-promoting young artist. 2hollis’ tracks combine the eclectic, glitchy production of hyperpop with the pulsing force of an EDM club banger. His sound is highly kinetic and expansive, yet never wasteful. He crafts immense soundscapes that explode with color and detail, drawing you in like an inescapable sonic vortex.

Following up his sophomore album “2,” the mysterious artist recently dropped a duo single release of “whiplash” and “cliche.” Reflecting the minimalist black-and-white EP art, “whiplash” and “cliche” have contrasting feels. “whiplash” is far more upbeat and sugary, while “cliche” has a more grunge feel with strained, in-your-face vocals. Both share the signature chaotic yet precise 2hollis sound, making you itch to dance without a care in the world. Clocking in at just less than six minutes, these two singles are worth a listen if you want something to move to this summer.

With each release, 2hollis’ talent as both a producer and artist continues to shine bright. It’s only a matter of time before people start to notice the light…


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