With her sophomore single, “This I Miss,” seventeen-year-old Anabella Paige is well on her way to becoming a star. Over a lush orchestral score that samples the O’Jay’s “A Prayer,” produced by Henry Bloomfield, Paige sings with maturity beyond her years. The track details warmly closing the chapter on a past relationship, accepting that the love will always be there in her memory. She notes that “some people come into your life at a specific place and time for a reason, and I’ve found that it’s better to acknowledge that rather than wish you could have it forever, allowing it to lose the specialness that it had.” It’s a gorgeous track that makes you appreciate the fleeting beauty of love.

The NYC-based singer-songwriter cites Norah Jones, Jane Birkin, SZA, and Olivia Dean as her primary inspirations. She describes the single as “an exciting return of old Philadelphia sound with a modern melodic twist.” She hopes to connect with people through her music, commenting “if my music can resonate with people and play a significant role in their lives as music has done for me, then I will be fulfilled.” Outside of music, Paige is heavily into fashion and hopes to pursue creative direction further. Nevertheless, songwriting remains her dearest passion and vessel for self-expression. With a wealth of talent and a voice of silk, the sky is the limit for Anabella Paige. 

Listen to “This I Miss” by Anabella Paige on all streaming platforms:


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