flora // Easy

Introducing UK artist Flora’s latest musical masterpiece – “Easy.” With a hauntingly captivating essence, this third single from Flora is sure to leave listeners spellbound.

The impactful effect of the song “Easy” is undeniably due to its sharp lyrics and ominous tone. The combination of these elements creates a powerful and memorable experience for listeners.

In her song, Flora employs vivid lyrics to convey a scenario where the conventional adage “easy come and easy goes” transforms into a portrayal of a person being deemed as easily manipulatable. This is depicted through the poignant phrase “easy’s isn’t taking anymore.”

Upon first listen, I found myself immediately drawn to this song. The combination of the deep and soulful vocals, expertly layered with an addictive production, proved to be a winning formula. I eagerly anticipate what is to come from Flora in the coming months. It is clear that this talented artist has a bright future ahead.


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