If I were to say I LOVE this song, I simply don’t think that would be enough. I may as well say I LOVELOVELOVE it, instead. And love is a fitting subject for this heartwarming, movie-worthy ballad titled ‘Valentine.’

Feeling a sense of safety in another person is such an underrated feeling, and this Australia-native artist paints the perfect picture of it. Lyrics like “I’m getting used to never getting over this” convey the purest of emotions that come with a relationship. You know, when the honeymoon stage just doesn’t ever seem to go away. It’s the type of songwriting that invites the listener into an intimate moment with the artist, and I’m super impressed by the way LOVELOVELOVE does it in this one.

Aside from the genuine songwriting, everything from the cinematic production and LOVELOVELOVE‘s infectious vocals create this climactic, windows-down type of sound that’s impossible not to love. It feels like soaking up the last few moments of summer with your best friends.

I love the way this artist successfully blends elements of indie pop, alternative rock, and sprinkles of 80’s influence into one melting pot of good vibes. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think!


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