Hailing from Houston, Texas, nineteen-year-old Emma Ogier blends a home-grown country flavor into her indie-pop ballads. With a sound reminiscent of Kacey Musgraves, Ogier shows tremendous potential as a singer-songwriter on her third single, “Too Young For That.” With warm vulnerability and sensitive reflection, Ogier opens up about having to let go of a young love she thought was going to be forever. It’s a relatable tale of heartbreak that is destined to go on many “crying in the car” playlists. I spoke with Emma via email to learn more about the track, her musical influences, and her transition to Nashville and beyond:

EARLY RISING: What is the story behind “Too Young For That”? 

EMMA OGIER: I wrote “Too Young For That” during my first few months of college in Fall 2022. It was written at a time when I was experiencing a lot of change. This song was my way of reflecting on a prominent relationship in my past, delving into how in young relationships, we often get carried away—like talking about getting married when you’re only fifteen years old. I was still learning that nearly everything is temporary. It was a feeling I didn’t want to think about, so this track is my way of approaching those feelings.

ER: Who are your biggest sonic influences and inspirations?

EO: My influences inspire me in different ways. My biggest lyrical inspirations are Lori McKenna, Joni Mitchell, and Harrison Whitford, but lately, I’ve also been infatuated with artists like George Clanton, dijon, MK.gee, MJ Lenderman, Charlie Hickey, Laura Marling, Ging, Indigo de Souza, and Big Thief. I also love older music from artists like Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Crosby, Stills, and Nash & Young; I love the use of harmonies in the music from that era. Plus, I draw a lot of inspiration from my big brother, Adrian, and the friends we’ve made in Nashville. There’s so much incredible talent here!

ER: How has the transition to Nashville been? What have you learned or experienced?

EO: I’ve been craving independence my whole life, so moving to Nashville in August 2022 gave me my first true taste of it. I have found so much joy in the newness of everything. I’ve been able to make choices on my own terms with more confidence. My freshman roommate transferred after the first semester, which gave me a lot of time to be alone with my thoughts. Although it was lonely at times, having my older brother, Aidan, close by at the same college reminded me that I’m safe and supported. Mainly, the experience has been meditative. It’s allowed me to work through my thoughts and find a special pocket of peace I can tap into. 

ER: How would you describe your sound?

EO: I have a hard time describing my sound, especially since it will grow and change as I do. Right now, I would describe my sound as raw, evocative, and intimate. As far as genre, I try to not box myself into a corner. I am so curious about all types of music that I never go into a writing session with a particular genre in mind. I want to create all that I am able to and allow different kinds of music to inspire my sound. 

ER: Where do you see yourself in a few years?

EO: I hope to play more shows as I continue to release new music. I want to create the best music I can and tour as much as possible. I hope to inspire people and connect with my fans on an intimate level, and I think playing shows is the best way to connect with listeners. 

ER: Outside of music, what brings you joy?

EO: Joy comes to me in waves of appreciation. I am the most joyful when I take the time to understand how lucky I am to have the support that I do. Having a stranger tell me that something I wrote changed their perspective or made them feel something brings me so much joy. I want people to feel less alone when they listen to my songs because they make me realize that I am not alone too. Outside of music, my roommates and friends bring me so much joy. I also love to sew, journal, jam to new artists that I discover, and make music with my brothers. 

Listen to “Too Young For That,” available now on all platforms:


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