Maya Manuela // nothing gold (Interview)

As summer approaches its end, there’s a lingering acknowledgment of shortened daylight, fading flower blossoms, and cherished moments that will inevitably turn into cherished memories. And while there’s a reluctance one feels with every new season, the layer of hope that exists in the midst of it all is the exact inspiration for Maya Manuela’s latest, “nothing gold.”

I first heard this song a couple weeks ago and couldn’t get enough of it. “nothing gold” is the sixth installment of Maya’s infectious catalog that includes the viral song, “Multiverse,” and it’s another testament to this artist’s unending potential.

I had the chance to connect with Maya and learn more about how the song came to life and her plans going forward. When I originally asked about her inspiration for the lyrics, she described herself as “a hopeless romantic that believes love doesn’t last.” The way every season comes to end, every living thing moves on from this world eventually, and the way “nothing gold can stay,” as she sings in the chorus. It’s a sobering sentiment that’s sprinkled with moments of acceptance and hope throughout the song’s bright production and cinematic build up. I love songwriting that challenges certain notions or provides a new perspective, and this song accomplishes just that.

While some of her songwriting idols include Taylor Swift, Jack Johnson, and Noah Kahan, Maya spoke about her writing process alongside Noah Floersch and Ross Grieb – both incredibly talented musicians as she described. I loved hearing about the collaborative approach to it all, allowing space for new ideas to flow as they please. And boy, did they flow on this one.

As far as future releases go, Maya hinted at a new EP this fall as well as a full-length project next year. With the wide range of music she has out currently, I asked about the sonic direction for these projects. Maya responded there with something that might’ve stuck with me the most from our conversation. “We’re going to let the songs decide what they want to be,” she explained.

So, as summer approaches its end, maybe that lingering acknowledgment of the cold weather season can be offset by knowing Maya Manuela has new music for us. Check out “nothing gold” below and keep an eye out for this talented artist!


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