Hailing from Brooklyn by way of Iowa, Keegan Konsor is one of the most original artists I’ve heard in a while. His new album Kink in the Wire is a chaotic collection of “dramatized vignettes about dealing with intimate relationships” led by the single “Oh Shut Up!”

Calling back on a mix of 2000s synth-pop and 2010s indie-pop, this song manages to traverse through 3-4 distinct vocal deliveries without sounding disjointed or random. At first listen, you might think several different artists are on this song, but in reality, it’s all Keegan, and it’s an undeniably entertaining ride.

From the mixing and mastering to the production and the vocals, Keegan is a multifaceted artist that has his hand in every aspect of his creative output. This chameleonic approach is growing more and more common among independent artists who want to differentiate themselves from the pack, and Keegan does that with flying colors. Even this album rollout was predicated on his ideas for short comedy sketches that tie into the theme of dramatizing overthinking and confusion when it comes to knowing yourself and your relationships. When you listen to “Oh Shut Up!” or check out Keegan’s Instagram, you’ll find yourself fully immersed.

Originality is what makes this song (and the album it supports) so fun to listen to—it’s dance, indie, a little rap, a little pop, all unique and endearingly weird. Keegan seemingly has a limitless amount of inspiration, and although that’s not actually possible for any artist, it’s hard not to be convinced of it within the world of “Oh Shut Up!” and Kink in the Wire.

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