Nicole Chambers // Steady

I’ve been in a bit of a neo-soul drought lately, but I came across this Canadian R&B artist named Nicole Chambers who’s putting me back in my groove. Chambers has one of those warm, soulful voices that could just put you to sleep, and expressive lyricism that speaks on her self-growth journey. Her latest single “Steady” heals something in me – it’s a smooth, buttery track that serves as a reminder to always pour energy into your own self first.

“I’m not chasing what’s not mine / no long talking ‘cause my time is precious”

“I had to love myself before anybody else / I had to see what you see in me baby”

Nicole Chambers’ gospel influence is very apparent through this song’s stacked harmonies and mature, soulful soundscape. She’s a singer-songwriter who was “raised by the sounds of gospel via church” before going on to study jazz in college, now sharing her own take on classic R&B to her audience. You can tell she has a very down-to-earth presence in her artistry, which I think will continue to reach listeners on an individual level to leave a lasting impact. I’m grateful to have found Nicole Chambers this early, and excited to see how she emerges on the larger neo-soul scene.

Listen to “Steady” below:


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