Gaff & Alex Gough // Feeling

When I write these reviews, I usually like to start by speaking about the artist’s genre and style of music, but I drew a blank when trying to fit Gaff and Alex Gough into just one sonic group. Having followed Gaff for a little while now, and being recently put on to the lustrous sound of Alex Gough, I’m convinced these two are paving their own lane of nostalgic, season-neutral, shout-worthy songs that’s unlike anything I’ve heard this year.

‘Feeling’ covers moments experienced in the come-up of being an artist, the youthful conviction to live life to the fullest, and dealing with love along the way. It’s a ballad that’s being told in a fast-paced environment, surrounded by hip-hop influence and pop elements. Packed with uniquely-constructed verses and an insanely infectious chorus, it’s safe to say Gaff and Alex Gough left no crumbs.

From the first listen, I genuinely felt this song and all of its free-flowing emotion. Just be careful – if you listen to it once, it’ll be stuck in your head for the rest of the week.

Having been featured on Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday UK’ and ‘Varsity Bars,’ it appears this track has resonating with others, as well. I’m super excited to continue following these bright talents and see where they go from here. Check out the song below and let us know what you think!


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